Asbestos testing and consultancy

Asbestos Testing & Consultancy

If you’re concerned about the presence of asbestos in a commercial or residential building, talk to Protectus today. We offer options to sub-contract independent licensed asbestos assessors to carry out asbestos testing and surveying. Plus we are often called upon to provide expert asbestos management advice, thanks to our wealth of experience in the asbestos removal, demolition and construction industries.

All PCBUs (person conducting a business or an undertaking) with management or control of a workplace are required to ensure an Asbestos Management Plan is prepared for their workplace. If that applies to you, Protectus can help.

Fully independent asbestos testing

An independent asbestos survey is the first step towards protecting people and the environment from the dangers of asbestos.

Using proven asbestos testing protocols, asbestos assessors carry out rigorous surveying to identify all sources of asbestos and other hazardous materials, whilst minimising the risk of contamination that can occur from the disturbance of asbestos through sampling. An asbestos survey will help you understand the extent of the problem, as well as your options for an effective and efficient asbestos management plan.

You can rely on us for a fully independent assessment of the risk, because we sub-contract licensed personnel to carry out the testing and surveying requirements, allowing us to carry out the removal independently. This ensures you get an honest appraisal from a third party, in line with WorkSafe regulations, while keeping your process streamlined, transparent and simple. Protectus is then able to provide a comprehensive and innovative asbestos removal control plan to suit your needs.

Expert asbestos consultancy

With a wealth of experience in asbestos management, construction and demolition, we are frequently called upon to provide expert asbestos consultancy to organisations in the public and private sectors.

Talk to Protectus about expert asbestos consultancy, and we’ll help you meet your obligations with the most appropriate solution, and ensure the protection of people and the environment from the dangers of asbestos.

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